This will probably be my last post about couponing. Because it doesn’t seem like that many people are visiting the site when the post is about coupons. But I had to share with you our latest savings.

As I’ve said, King Soopers is having a huge sale. But you have to buy ten items that are in that sale to get the great big discount. So we (my husband and I) did, matching the coupon to the sale.

This is what we got:

30 butters (either a twin pack or a single),

10 toothpastes,

18 pkgs. of hotdogs, 28 PROGRESSO soups, 16 diced tomatoes,

and six Rotelle tomatoes. The retail price would have been $198.97. With the deal the store was having and our coupons, we paid $42.53.

We had coupons for the butter for 75 cents, but KS rounds up to  a dollar and the butter was on sale for 98 cents, so we got 30 tubs of butter FOR FREE. Five of the toothpastes were free, the others were a quarter.

The Rotelle tomatoes were 12 cents each, the canned tomatoes were 27 cents each and the soup was 75 cents each, but a good brand.

Still, the coupon diva does a lot better, but saving $156.44 isn’t too shabby.