Five “bad” (or not-so-great) things:

5. It’s a snow day for the kids, so they are cooped up in the house all day and aggravated they don’t get to go to school. (Yeah. Weird, right?)

4. I can’t seem to get anything done with my writing the last couple of days. I’m the worst kind of writer: the kind that waits for the muse to inspire her. Good writers force themselves to fill a writing quota. I have one, but I ignore it most days, like a smelly trash can that I’m too lazy to empty.

3. The agent that requested my full manuscript – I just learned – has the reputation to request A LOT of manuscripts, take forever (like half a year) to read, and then send a rejection letter. But let’s stay positive about that shall we…?

2. Laundry is really piling up.

1. It’s been a bad coupon weekend. There aren’t a lot that match up with sales. But at least the coupons won’t expire for a little while, so maybe next week’s sales will be better.

Five “good” things:

5. I got some of my books that I won:

I still have one more that is supposed to be on the way and I think it’s signed by the author. I thought these were supposed to be signed as well, but it seems that I’m mistaken. But, really, that’s okay. I feel privileged that I won and happy that I get free books. The author of Stealing Heaven  (Elizabeth Scott) emailed me and I feel super star-struck. I’ve read and admired ALL her books.

 I’ve already started ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and it’s amazing. The first chapter is unlike anything I’ve ever read – about a family getting frozen for the trip in deep space that will take over 300 years. Super cool! It was described as Titanic meets Brave New World.

4. I’m having a good hair day.

3. Simon (my oldest son) is really becoming such a good reader. Alvin (my middle) is growing less and less ornery every day. (Not that I really want to break it of him completely, because that is just who he is, but less is nice.) Theodore has decided to play this game with me called “I’m pretending I’m not potty trained anymore” and it’s been literally driving me INSANE. He’s been potty trained since he was a year and a half and now, over six months later, decides he doesn’t want to be anymore…? What? But I put this in the “good” section because when I’m irritated at him (yet again) for doing a number two in his undies, I smell the top of his head. I know…weird, right? But he still carries with him some of his baby smell (that the other chipmunks have all but lost completely) and the aroma calms me down, forcing me to remember all the cuddling we did in his early days.

2. I’m planning a trip to go see my bestest friend that I don’t often get to see. (If the weather permits). Along with her beautiful baby girl.

1. (Sappiness alert) I’m totally – and unbelievingly – falling more and more in love with my hubby the longer I’m with him. He’s just so effing funny and handy that I can’t believe it.  We’ll be celebrating our fifth anniversary on April Fool’s Day. Love you, hon!

Five “ugly” things:

5. The weather (duh).

4. My allergies. I know what you’re thinking. Allergies? This early? No, you’re probably just sick with a cold. Well, yeah…maybe. But I don’t usually have super itchy eyes and sneezing fits in the winter time. The groundhog did predict an early spring, after all. Despite the several inches of snow out my window.

3. My house. It needs some serious TLC to get it in Functioning Mode. (ex. laundry, dishes, a good sweeping.)

2. My writing (or lack thereof). The novel I’m currently working on needs some editing and tightening up…but…I DON’T WANNA!

1. Theodore’s haircut. Okay, it’s not THAT bad. Well, to me. Usually I use electric clippers to cut my sons’ hair (because who in their right mind wants to pay for three boys at a barber every couple of weeks?) but this time I decided to use scissors. And it turned out…okay.

And one more positive: this blog seemed to have gotten my creative writing juices flowing and the kids are busy with Mario, so I might just get something done with my writing today! Yippie!