So I tried to get groceries for little to nothing again. It didn’t really work.

King Soopers – as I mentioned in my previous post – is having a ten for five sale. If you buy ten of the items, you get five bucks off of your ticket. So I went in with a slew of coupons and compared the ten for five items with my coupons and even found some items on closeout, so that’s a triple discount.

So here’s what I got:

Ten cans of pringles: closeout price was $1.46, coupon for $1.00 off two, so I got them for about a dollar a piece. Two Bounty towels fifty cents off with coupon, so about eighty cents a piece.

 Cookie dough was part of the ten for five and I had a coupon for $1.00 off one. So they were .99 cents. Salsa was about the same. Now, what ticks me off is that the salsa was ten for five but for some reason I got eight (miscounted?) and I didn’t get the store deal, but I did get my .50 cents off for two, so they ended up about $1.20 when they could’ve been .90 cents. If I would’ve counted better, I’d have two more salsas and paid two dollars less. ARG!

Now, the chips were ten for five and closeout, plus I had a coupon for a dollar off of one, so after everything was said and done on them, I got them for .29 cents each, down from almost three dollars.

The rice cakes were .99 cents on sale.

The total price for these groceries (before the deals and coupons) was well over sixty bucks. But I got them for thirty.

Good deal, but not great. I’m definitely NOT the coupon diva. She gets hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for under twenty bucks most of the time, if not for free.

But something else nags be about this coupon business: would I have gotten this stuff anyway? Did I NEED this stuff? No, not even close. So I’m thinking I just spent thirty bucks on stuff I don’t need and I could’ve saved thrity bucks if I didn’t go to the store at all.

Well, if I have a superbowl party (which I HIGHLY doubt), at least I’ll have plenty of chips and salsa.