I don’t know if anyone out there is into coupons. I mean, I’m sure there are people that use a coupon every now and then. But do you clip coupons for hours on end and match them against local sales to pay little-to-nothing for your groceries?

Have you seen the people that are professional coupon-clippers?


Well, my husband thought this was a genius idea and wanted to try it. So we’ve been cutting masses of coupons from Sunday papers:

And if you haven’t actually done this before, it’s not that easy. You get a bunch of papers, pull out the P&Gs, the RedPlums and the…Super Savers I think they’re called. Then you separate them into piles, cut them out and organize them into a notebook.

Easy, right?

Yeah, not really. I started out with a bucketful (after spending an hour just getting them out of the newspapers):

And THREE hours later…

Made a bit of a dent. (Sigh.) But it IS kind of fun if you don’t push yourself to finish in one night.

I just hope this saves us a huge amount of money.

I grabbed a couple of coupons I had from a few weeks ago and noticed there was a sale going on at King Soopers. After all was said and done (and after buying produce and meat that weren’t discounted with a coupon) I saved nearly 40 bucks.

I just recently learned that King Soopers doubles coupons up to a dollar. So say, for instance, that you have a fifty-cent coupon on noodles. You buy the noodles (on sale for $1.50) and use your coupon. Usually, you’d pay $1.00 but with KS doubling it, you’d pay $.50.

Now, if you’ve cut a large amount of these coupons, you could be stockpiled with noodles for years at a super discounted price.

This is what I’m attempting to do.