I’m not sure if I mentioned that my oven is broken. Well, not the whole thing. The broil works and – thank heavens – the stove top works fine. Only the baking element seems to not get more than warm to the touch.

I’m not much of a handy person but I have on occasion fixed things in my car (thank you Google). So I know if I really applied myself, I could figure out what is wrong with my oven and fix it. It’s probably so simple, like replacing the bottom element.

But I just haven’t gotten to that level of motivation yet. So my oven continues to be broken.

Problem is, I was grocery shopping the other day and had a MAJOR craving for those cheap, nasty Totino’s party pizzas that cost like a dollar. Without thinking, I stocked up on them and then came home and stared at the oven that wasn’t able to preheat.

Don’t judge me, but there was a threat of tears. Along with a bunch of other things that seemed to go wrong that day,the oven not getting warm was the icing on the unstable cake. Simply, I wanted to eat my pizza.

Now, my husband has claimed to have been in a similar pickle and used the microwave as a last resort to cook the pizza. But it came out soggy and I really didn’t want to go there. So I got inventive and cooked it on the stove top:

And it totally worked!

Using a lid and keeping it at a very low temperature, the pizza cooked all the way through and left the crust a medium brown…and so crisp!

It was truly better than when I usually cook it in the oven (no burn marks). The downside, though, is having to cook only one pizza at a time. My chipmunks got pretty annoyed with the wait!