I was watching American Idol last night and it was hilarious. I really didn’t miss Simon’s witty bitterness one little bit. I loved the fact that Jennifer Lopez couldn’t tell even the wretched ones “no” and I loved that Steven Tyler brought his rock star style and favored the singers that seemed to have a similar quality.

But partway through the show, laughing at one of the many rejects, I stopped to wonder, “Holy crap…is that me?”

You know those people who think they are good at singing/dancing/jamming on a fiddle/writing but really, truly are not? But they keep at it because they think that they really have something and seem to be missing a part of the brain that hints that they might not be. That in all actuality they SUCK.

I wondered, “Am I that way, with my writing?” Am I forcing down this horribly written crap to all the people I know and love?

Am I this guy?

clueless (click to watch video)

But you know, I really don’t know HOW MUCH I want that question answered. Maybe by a panel of literary Jennifer Lopezes(ones that have trouble saying “you stink”), but definitely not by a bunch of Simons. Or that could be just what I need.