It was my turn this weekend to drive five hours to see my husband. For those of you who don’t already know, my husband and I (technically) don’t live in the same house. He works far away to make the good money and the kids and I hold down fort that we aren’t able to sell (for many reasons) at the present time.

It’s just the way that we’re doing things right now, but it’s difficult in so many different ways. Like driving five hours in a small car with three bickering chipmunks in the back.

Anyway, before I left this weekend – as I always do – I checked the weather report for the condition of the mountain passes. They said, “This is a good weekend to drive.”

So I did.

And the passes were great going up there and I thought, “Wow! How lucky I am…what a perfect day to drive.” There was some light snow, but the sun was shining, the kids weren’t hitting and yelling too much and we had plenty of snacks and music. All-in-all, a very pleasant drive.

The way home today, however, was a COMPLETELY different story. I knew it would be a rough drive when:               

1.) It was snowing when I woke up;

2.) A large road sign announced a requirement of all commercial vehicles to chain up;

3.) I saw at least ten cars go off road, two abandoned vehicles and multiple wrecks.

Why did I press on? Well, I’m practically a Colorado native (moved here at a young age) and I’ve driven through my fair share of passes and bad weather. BUT I swear after today I never want to see another snowflake skitter its way across the sky again.

Plus, I’ve learned something about my car. When the roads are bad, I’m only supposed to go between 10-20 mph. Otherwise one of two things will happen 1.) I’ll be going too fast, swerve and end up in a snow bank or 2.) I’ll be going too slow that my tires fail to grip the road and I’ll slide backwards, much to the chagrin of the twelve cars behind me.

But the kids and I are all home now, with warm dinner in our bellys and the hectic day pressing down our eyelids, the crappy roads an almost-distant memory.

What I’m really trying to say, I guess, is that I’m just really happy to be home without incident. Because some people weren’t so lucky.