Okay, so I’ve told everybody that I’ve finished my book and that I’ve scouted out five agents, carefully selecting among the masses to find that particular somebody to represent my very “unique” manuscript.

I sent out query letters – very professional ones – and attached a chapter or so (depending on their submission guidelines).

It’s been just a few days and I’ve already received two responses. But they aren’t good. They are both form letters. For those of you who don’t know what those are, I feel they are the worst kind of rejection. You have agents that just won’t get back to you which I don’t mind, I tend to just move along after about six weeks and then there are these agents (or agent assistants) that send out these horribly generic letters. They can go to anyone, under any genre, and pretty much tell you that they are COMPLETELY not interested.

These are the ones I got:

From agent “C”:

I greatly appreciate having been given the opportunity to review your work. Regrettably, I feel we are unable to offer you representation. 

Sometimes we must pass on books, even very good books, which are either out of our range or require an amount of attention we feel unable to provide.  In addition, we cannot afford to take on projects which we’re not absolutely confident we will be able to sell.  But we do very much hope that you will find an agent with the right enthusiasm for your work.

 Because our staff is small, and the volume of submissions we receive so high, we cannot issue a personal response to every query or submission.  But please know that each is reviewed with great attention and care.

And then a similar one from agent “E”:

Many thanks for your submission – I do appreciate you thinking of me and the Greenhouse.

 I’m sorry to say that in this instance I am going to pass on your work. The children’s and YA market is very competitive, as you may well know, and I’m afraid I don’t feel your story is quite standout enough for me to be confident of placing it for you at this time.

 Another agent may well, of course, feel differently – this remains a very subjective business.

 Wishing you all the very best and thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to consider your work.

These form letters are the WORST in my opinion because you see them in your inbox and you get all excited and then you take the time to open and read it and you begin to feel like you just got dumped.

Super sucky! Well, I now have two spots to fill. Here goes the continuation of the agent search…