Lately I’ve been feeling like a very angry and neglectful parent. I know that I’m NOT, but I’ve been very selfish with my time lately trying to finish my dang book and working to promote my internet presence.

When I picked up Alvin at 11:00 when his preschool was over and then my Simon after 3:00 when Kindergarten ends, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they were instantly at each other’s throats. We hadn’t even gotten home before they were fighting about something!

I really think (hope) it was the cold weather, where everyone was just cooped up inside for so long. It was A LOT warmer today – the evidence was in the slushy road and all the mud that now surrounds the house.

So I figured it was high time to get the boys out – they ARE boys after all and need ten times the amount of outside time that I do – to get dirty and play.

So, we did. And even though the fighting didn’t completely stop, the pictures made me smile:

(Note: Simon got cold early on and was inside during the picture. Only Theodore and Alvin pictured.)