I wanted to compile a top ten list of what I’ve learned in the course of writing my novel:

10. The difference between “past” and “passed,” as well as the difference between “illicit” and “elicit.” Yes, really, there are BIG differences.

9. Writing is the one thing I long to do every day, the thing I loathe to do every day and the one thing I must do every day – it’s as necessary as toilet paper.

8. When my best friend in the world won’t read my book, that means it still needs some serious work.

7. Not to send out crappy drafts to people, no matter how excited you are that you have written well over 300 pages (sorry Sis).

6. After three years my characters can still be flat, my setting unclear and my plot unconvincing.

5. My kids will fist fight if I’m on the computer too long.

4. I don’t care to make it big – I really don’t see myself on the red carpet – but before I die I would like my name printed on a hardcover book with at least one great review.

3. A lot of first novels are scrapped and the way mine is going, it  just might as well.

2. There’s always the second novel.

1. Even though writing is necessary to do every day, it’s always much more fun to close the computer and play GI JOE with the chipmunks.