Today, after spending hours on the millionth draft of my novel, I realized that I can’t stand my main character’s name…again. I’m unsure about how many times I’ve changed the poor girl’s name, but all the ones that I’ve chosen just don’t seem to sit well with me.

I started out with Adele (Della). But using it, I was told that it had too much of a ring of Bella from Twilight. I definitely didn’t want to be thought of as unoriginal, so I changed it to Danielle (Dani). I knew I wanted to have a name that could be shortened. It’s a minor but important part of the story, but for some reason didn’t like that one, either.

I tried Leela (Leigh) and am now trying out Olivia (Liv). I don’t know what it is about sticking to a name that bothers me. If anyone has a better idea of a name and a nickname that goes with it…let me know!