Well, after the chaotic three-day cook off where I spent a different day with a separate part of my family, I’m now basking in a sea of near silence. My husband and mother-in-law went back to work and two of my three children are sitting studiously (hopefully) at their school desks.

The silence is neither good or bad, but expected. There is no one in my near radius to talk to, except for my two-year-old son, and he’s not much of a conversationalist when Madagascar is on the tube. So I decided to get a slice of adult conversation (to myself) on my blog before delving into the neglected manuscript I haven’t looked at in a couple of weeks.

On the menu today: mice and an old toilet.

I should start by saying that I should really be grateful that the mice and toilet problems came after the relatives had departed for the holidays so that I wasn’t embarrassed if my sister-in-law had to endure a faulty potty and mice scampering beneath her feet. But just a couple of days after the majority of my family members left for their respective houses, the handle on my toilet broke, the wooden seat slit in two and the base began to leak. And smell. Add to this a house full of children with the stomach flu and you get a REALLY bad experience.

That’s when we noticed the first mouse. He scampered across the kitchen – darting from the refrigerator to the dishwasher – and that day I began to feel like Tom Hanks on The Money Pit:

But, really, it wasn’t THAT bad. When you’re in the middle of things, they always seem much worse than they are. A couple days later, the stomach flu cleared up, my husband replaced the flusher and the toilet seat, I scoured the whole house and set mouse traps. I set them up all over the house (mostly in the kitchen and basement) and have yet to see a dead body. Maybe setting them out was enough to scare the rodents away for a while, but I just hope the traps don’t go off in the middle of the night. I might mistake the sounds for gunshots (‘cuz I live in super ghettoville) and find myself prowling around the house with my oozie.

But now it is time to write…