I know, I just know that I’ve eaten a mango before. But I hated them. This was like, eleven years ago. I used to steal bites of them out of jars when I worked for the produce department at Wal-Mart. I don’t know why, but I was always so hungry at work and didn’t bring money (or didn’t have the money) to buy my lunch. So, I’m not proud to say I stole food.

But now I find myself in a different predicament. While grocery shopping the other day, I noticed mangoes and pineapple on sale. Without thinking, I bagged up several of each and brought them home. My kids saw the bright fruit sitting on the counter and asked for some. Sure, I told them, that’s what I bought them for. I handed them each a mango – whole – and when they bit into it whole-heartedly, I watched as their faces grimaced with distaste. Was I supposed to skin the mango?

And on related thoughts…how the heck do you core a pineapple?