So far, my progress in the publishing industry has been characteristically slow and hard. I’ve spent almost three years working on the same book.

After the first draft, I thought I was a writing superhero and began to query agents left and right without too much thought as to whether or not they would be a good fit for me. Or me for them. Surprisingly, I hooked several of the agents with my query letter and they asked for samples of my writing. One even asked for the full manuscript to be sent over.

Almost immediately after sending them a sample, I was turned down – rejected. Most of them claimed the writing just wasn’t “convincing” enough.

I now believe that meant the writing just wasn’t good enough.

So I’m at it again. Rewriting, changing my POV (point of view) from first to third person, switching out my main character’s name and revamping the descriptions. I’m almost done with the rewrite and I’m fighting every cell in my body to query at least one agent. This time I just KNOW the book is good enough. But that is what I thought two years ago and got rejected by nearly every YA agent out there.

I must, somehow, teach myself how to be patient.